Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Prank Edition....

In honor of April Fool's Day, this edition of "Is it just me" is dedicated to pranks!!!  

Personally I love watching a good prank, heck, I would love to "get" people in some great pranks.  HOWEVER, I can dish it, but I can't take it, therefore I keep all pranks to myself in hopes that no one else does it to little old moi. 
I had some fun looking up pranks in history.  There were two that stood out where the April Fool's prank took the country by storm.  They are the "Taco Liberty Bell" and The "Left Handed Whopper."

"Taco Liberty Bell" - April 1st, 1996. A full-page ad was published in the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post and 3 other major newspapers celebrating the sale of the historic Liberty Bell. To help alleviate the mounting U.S national debt, Taco Bell "bought" the Liberty Bell and would be renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. It would be moved to the Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, CA where it would be made available for public viewing.  Thousands of shocked citizens inundated Taco Bell and the National Park Service with phone calls.  It was then revealed that Taco Bell played a Nation wide April Fools' prank resulting in 1.1 million dollars in increased sales over the next 2 days for their restaurants.  LOVE IT

The "Left Handed Whopper" - In 1998: Burger King published a full page advertisement in USA Today announcing the introduction of a new item to their menu: a "Left-Handed Whopper" specially designed for the 32 million left-handed Americans.  According to the advertisement, the new whopper included the same ingredients as the original Whopper (lettuce, tomato, hamburger patty, etc.), but all the condiments were rotated 180 degrees for the benefit of their left-handed customers. The following day Burger King issued a follow-up release revealing that although the Left-Handed Whopper was a hoax, thousands of customers had gone into restaurants to request the new sandwich. Simultaneously, according to the press release, "many others requested their own 'right handed' version. (I'm sorry but how stupid did you have to be to fall for that one)

If you're daring and like to pull some pranks on your own this Friday, here are a couple of simple pranks you can do to annoy your co-workers:

The Wrath of Rotation - A simple but quick prank that puts the screen rotation hotkeys to use.  Get to a co-worker’s desk, and hit Ctrl-Alt-up or down to rotate their monitor orientation. To add a little extra flair, also go into the Control Panel, then set their mouse to left-handed. They’ll spend time with their head tilted sideways trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Disappearing Desktop (I really want to try this one)  Get to a computer, minimize all the windows, and hit the Print Screen key. Paste the captured image into any graphic editing program — even Microsoft Paint will do — then save the file and set it as the desktop background. Then, hide the actual icons on the desktop — put them in a folder somewhere — and your victim will try endlessly to click the nonexistent icons, which are actually just part of the background image. For another variation, leave one program open when you capture the screen and watch as the person tries to click on it, type in it, and close it to no avail.

Mousing Around - So simple, yet effective. If your co-worker has an optical mouse, just put a couple layers of scotch tape over the laser. They'll spend some time trying to figure out why their mouse won't work!

There are plenty more where those came from, check out this site:

If you'd rather enjoy pranks from afar, here are some of my favorites caught on tape, I hope you enjoy!

1. - A fantastic website.  Great videos, funny commentary etc.  What really skyrocketed this site was the now famous "Prank Wars" between Amir & Streeter.  Their prank war has been going on for years and escalating each time.  Definitely take some time and check out all their videos in their entirety on their website.  One of the most recent pranks seen below, is definitely at the top of my list of favorite pranks ever.  Enjoy....

2. You've been "Rick Rolled!"  Don't ask me why, but I find Rickrolling to be both ridiculous and hilarious.  Basically all it entails is the unsuspecting victim goes to click on a link expecting one thing and instead are lead to a music video of Rick Astley's "Never gonna give you up" video!  Sounds stupid right?  Yet this phenomenon of "rickrolling" has taken the internet by storm spawning many rickrolled videos and mashups of the music video and other content.  Check out this hilarious mash-up of the famous Bill O'Reilly flip out mixed with a little Astley.....

3. The z100 Phone Taps!  Predominantly in the tri-state area (now syndicated in other states), Elvis Duran and the Morning Show phone taps are by far some of my most favorite things to listen to ever.  I wish I had the cojones to pull one over on some people I know, but sadly...I don't.  Here's a great one below, as well as a link to plenty more phone taps you can catch on z100!

Now with every good prank, there are bad ones. Here are a few of my favorite pranks gone wrong!!

1. The basketball shot heard around the world.  The setup?  Bascially they tried to copy the famous Amir/Streeter basketball halftime prank.  They told a professor at this college that he would win 2 tickets to the NCAA championship game.  They informed the crowd he would be doing a half-court, blindfolded shot and to cheer as if he made it so to fool him into thinking he won.  Well, they didn't expect this...(jackasses)

2. The "slap" heard around the world. Also another entry from the famous prank war. The set up? How does a marriage proposal at Yankee Stadium, in front of everyone sound? Romantic right? Not when you don't know you're the one doing the proposing! Streeter was attending a yankee game with his then girlfriend (yes they are no longer together) when his "friend" Amir decides to set up a marriage proposal on the jumbotron using Streeter's name proposing to his girlfriend who is there with him. See how it all panned out...

3. Last but not least, an oldie but a goodie. What happens when you try and scare a high school teenager for Halloween? Lesson learned my friend...

I hope you've enjoyed this blog entry as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it!  Have fun this April Fool's day, be safe, and remember, ALWAYS record your pranks!  You never know who'll be watching!  Or maybe it will be just me...


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reality sets in.....

Ok, so these are legitimate reality shows that have been on tv.  And I'm asking, is it just me, or are these producers/contestants nuts??

In order of dumb/weird/crazy take your pick.

1. Survival of the Richest (2006)  The premise of this show pairs up seven "rich kids" with 7 "poor kids," play in challenges to win a final prize of $200k to split.  Basically the challenges were to make the "rich kids" do things they've never done like grocery shopping, manual labor, etc and make fun of them.  The poor kids? well they had a chance to win money.  Sounds like a lame idea, didn't do well at all in the ratings and they played right into the stereotypes of "rich kids" and "poor kids."  I mean come on, look at the publicity photo for one of the rich girls.  Paris Hilton much??

2. Married by America (2003)  Premise of the show?  Exactly what the title states.  Basically contestants were selected by viewer votes, then paired up to be married without seeing each other!  yes, that's right, not dating, but married.  These couples would spend a couple weeks sequestered together, learn about each other, then the day of the ceremony at the alter, decide whether or not they would get married.  Good grief!!!  Same-sex marriage is illegal in many states, but THIS is ok???  I don't get it.

3. Superstar USA (2004)  This one while I think is stupid, is pretty funny.  Its basically an American Idol ripoff where instead of looking for the best singers, they're looking for the worst!!  At the end they win some money and a chance to record a song (though why anyone would listen to it is beyond me).  They get encouraged by the judges saying how great they are, so the whole time, they're thinking they're actually good.  Its not until the very end that they tell them, hey actually we picked you because you're the worst singer out here.  Here's what's really messed up, for the final performance in front of a live audience, the producers were worried about them keeping a straight composure while the contestants sang, so they told the audience that the contestants were very sick and this was their last wish to be made over like a superstar and sing.  How effed up is that??

4. The Swan (2004)  I'm sure many of you will remember this freakshow of a competition.  The premise? Women deemed "ugly ducklings" by society, compete against each other and go under the knife with EXTREME plastic surgery, life coach training and gym training in order to be transformed into a beautiful "swan."  The big "shock" of the show is that these women are NOT allowed to look at themselves in a mirror at all until the "big reveal."  I remember when this show came out, I felt like it was the start of a new era with reality tv and not in a good way.  Plastic surgery was definitely taken too far by performing multiple procedures in one day and all the while making these women believe they will be beautiful afterward.  Essentially telling them, they weren't before.  Now I won't lie, I watched this series like a hawk but decided not to see the 2nd season once it was renewed.  I had enough shock and awe from seeing these women in pain recovering from surgery.  But decide for yourselves!

5. He's a Lady (2004)  This one is pretty darn funny if I do say so myself.  "Manly" men think they're competing in guy type competition for money. But they find out they're competing as women, doing feminine things!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Check out the preview down below.  Sadly I did not see this one when it was on the air.  Wish I did!

6. Shattered (UK) Very simple premise.....Stay AWAKE!!!  Yep, that's it.  Stay awake.  Contestants are living together in a house sleep deprived for 7 days while participating in challenges.  Person who lasts the longest wins money.  Now in fairness for their "safety" they were allowed 1 hr of sleep every day. OOOhhh an hour, how thoughtful.  Seriuosly, you can go insane without sleep.  And for 7 days?  They had to compete in mental challenges which would increase the pot at the end.  But if a contestant closed their eyes for over ten seconds, then money was deducted from the final prize.  One thing I find funny is that the contestants got to dish out "snooze you lose" challenges.  Where for 1 hour a contestant had to stay awake while doing something that would normally make you fall asleep like a relaxing massage, counting sheep on a tv, or listening to a lecture on trigonometry haha.  This show is high on the crazy scale due to the fact that its very dangerous for the mind to go that long without sleep.  I just hope no one suffered any permanent damage.

7. There's something about Miriam (UK)  Last but not least.  The show that I don't believe would get aired in the US anytime soon.  There's something about Miriam.  The premise? A dating show! Simple enough right?  Guys trying to win the prize of a girl......except.....she's not a girl!! She was born a man!!!  How messed up is that??  See below, the final mean.

No good reality show would be complete without a proper sendoff.  Below is a list of "elimination phrases."  You can highlight next to the phrase to see what show its from.  How many can you guess right?  Please comment below!

Let's start easy:
You're Out.  Auf Wiedersehen   Project Runway
You are the weakest link, good bye   The Weakest Link
You are not the biggest loser  The Biggest Loser
The tribe has spoken   Survivor
Please pack your knives and go  Top Chef
I'm sorry to tell you, you've both been eliminated from the race   The Amazing Race
You're fired  The Apprentice
Your tour ends here  Rock of Love

Getting a little harder...
You're time is up  Flavor of Love
You're just a tool  Tool Academy
Our friendship is finished.  TTYN   Paris Hilton's: My new BFF 
Membership denied; please remove your blazer  From G's to Gents
You must leave the chateau    Joe Millionaire
You just don't fit in    The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
Now sashay away   Ru Paul's Drag Race

I'd be amazed if you knew these!
Please turn in your costume  Who Wants to be a Superhero
This was your final cut  Shear Genius
Your not going to get lei'd tonight  My Antonio
We cannot live in your design  Top Design
You're out of fashion   The Fashion Show
You're not on the list  I Want to be a Hilton
You're out of style   The Cut
Your wedding will still go on, it just won't be perfect   Bridalplasty

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is it just me? Random thoughts...

-Does anyone else realize that we (meaning my generation) are like the last of the Mohicans?  We are the last ones to know what it was like to grow up without cell phones, computers in every home, and hell DVR!  Our kids will never understand what it means to go to a library just to look something up in the encyclopedia.  Thanks to the magical world of the technology, everything comes to us faster and easier.

-What is wrong with comedians who think its funny to poke fun at a tragedy JUST after it happens?  Heard about Gilbert Godfried's very crude and tasteless jokes about the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  The body wasn't even cold yet man!  I'm all about comic relief to help people move past tragedies but let these people grieve for a little while before you start metaphorically kicking them in the nuts. (Update, also read that he was fired from Aflac as the voice of the duck.  Understandable considering the amount of business Aflac does in Japan)

-Is it just me?  Why does it seem that celebrity "justice" is extremely light compared to those of us in the "real world?"  I'm thinking of the Paris Hilton's, the Lindsay Lohans of the world.  I think any other person, with multiple dui's would probably have served more than a couple weeks in jail.  What about cocaine possession? Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars basically got away with it.  I don't even think they got jail time for it.  Why do they get an easier time?

-Why do we encourage some celebrity mistakes and discourage others?  I just heard about Chris Brown causing a scene at the Good Morning America set this morning, smashing a window with a chair, freaking out screaming and storming off without a shirt (wtf?) because they asked him questions live about the Rhianna incident that happened a couple years ago.  Chris is definitely to blame for his own actions today and should take responsibility for them.  He clearly needs more anger management and the fact that he's trying to restart his career, now is not the time to fly off the handle considering what happened in his past. Rumor has it he also pre-approved questions being asked about the incident but who knows if that's true.  Chris Brown was there to promote a new album and to try and start anew. The incident between Chris Brown and Rhianna happened 2 years ago!  He has since served his time (whether or not we believe it was just is another issue) and has even been forgiven by Rhianna herself.  When is it an appropriate time to let it go?  I'm not an advocate for Chris Brown, personally I don't care for the guy and would never let my daughter date him.  But how and when do we as a society dictate what gets "let go"?  Clearly we've let go of all of Charlie Sheen's wrongdoings, look at him now!  Have we forgotten that he himself has gotten into violent domestic disputes in the past?  Eminem?  Half his songs are about the violence that occurred between him and his ex and till this day still has an amazing career.  Michael Vick?  He committed some pretty heinous crimes, served his time, then was cheered on when playing a great football season.  When is it "ok" to let go of the past? or is it?  Sometimes I'm torn myself.

Since my last thought was a little strong, I want to end on a weird and lighter note.  Here it goes...

-Is it just me?  Does anyone find the combination of religion and pole dancing put together an awkward concept?  Wait, what did I just write?  YES , Christianity and POLE DANCING.
see for yourselves....

who knows, maybe it is just me


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is it just me? TV edition!

Come on now.  I watch way too much TV but so do a lot of you!  This entry is dedicated to all my fellow tv nuts.

Is it just me?

-Have we had enough yet of duplicate reality shows?  Yes they all have different names but seriously we all know you're copying an original.  Iron Chef spawned: Top Chef, Hells Kitchen, Next Food network star, The Chopping Block.  Real World spawned: well anything with people living in a house really.  Enough already! Stick with the originals or come up with your own idea!  Look how many fashion competition shows there are: Project Runway, The Fashion Show, The Cut, Blow out, Shear Genius, the list goes on and on.
(and yet i watch a good portion of these)

-Here are some shows that can just keep going season after season and never get old: Modern Family, Survivor, Top Chef, Amazing Race, House, Big Bang Theory, The Office (though i wonder how it will do w/out Steve Carrell) and I'm sure there are others.  Shows that I think need to retire: america's next top model, biggest loser, wipeout (how many times can I watch someone fall down), private practice (I still watch but I think it needs to be put down), how i met your mother (still a fan but come on, who's the mom already!)

-Is there just a sick fascination (really mine) with the Jersey Shore?  These people are not normal.  Or maybe they are?  I didn't grow up in Jersey or Staten Island or anywhere else these kids are from so I didn't get a lot of exposure to the tanned personas they portray.  But really?  Guys punching girls, girls punching guys, really?  this is now our entertainment? Damn you for being so addicting!

-I'm in desperate need of a "holy sh*t, blow my mind, talk about it for the next 48 hours" episode of television.  Where is that?  Haven't had a moment like that since the infamous episode of Grey's anatomy where there was a shooting rampage.  Or the episode of House where it turned out he was hallucinating the whole time.  AHH I need that kind of episode now, I have a craving for some SERIOUSLY good tv.

-Does anyone else think people go to certain extremes just because there's a show about it?  Like 16 & Pregnant.  Do you think there are some girls out there right now trying to get preggers so they can try and be on MTV? and what happens when they fail?  stuck living the life of a pregnant teenager and young mom?  or what about the Biggest Loser? Maybe there are some people right now just overweight and think "I'm not fat enough for this show" and pack it on so they can try and get on?  Maybe its just me but I bet there are people out there like that.  scary thought

-Is it me? or is the show "Oobi" for kids the creepiest thing you've ever seen??  I mean its basically all hands with eyes that talk.  I saw it last night and was like "WTF?"


Or maybe its just me.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Is it just me? Baby edition!

Babies....I know right?
This is the mommy side attempting to blog about life with baby while asking the question....Is it just me?

-Am I still the only one out there NOT ok with putting their kid on a leash?  Whatever happened to giving your kid "the stare" that put them right in their place and they better not to run off, or else??  If anyone sees me put a leash on my kid, please print out this blog entry in big bold font on a t-shirt labeled "hypocrite!"

-When I was pregnant, I hated unsolicited advice from other moms and swore I'd never be that way.  And yet, on a several occasions I caught myself doing what I despised!!  Tsk Tsk mommy.

-Am I the only one seriously disturbed about preaching babies??  Just saw some random youtube videos that have babies and kids preaching in a church.  Clearly they are fed this stuff how can they possibly at the young age of 18 months (yes I said 18 months) understand what is happening around them? This one baby, clearly not "speaking" but actively preaching to a parish!  With people yelling Amen! and Hallelujah! I'm disturbed.

-When did babies get so gross?  I don't recall ever being warned that once you become a parent you're likely to be sneezed on, pooped on, peed on, puked on, all on?!?  All you hear is aww babies are great, they change your life.  I could have used a little warning, "hey, one day your child might sneeze right into your mouth."  GROSS (unless you see it as a way of your baby sharing their love)

-Why can't parents find the line between sharing good news about their child and bragging about them?  I know I've caught myself doing it too <wagging finger at myself> I try my best to keep it balanced but every once in a while, talking to another parent brings out this verbal diarrhea and insist on talking about all my child's accomplishments.  To all parents (and myself) lets take it back a notch!

Heck, maybe it is just me...


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going back....wayyyy back

So here are the previous entries to my blog before I had a writing hiatus.  Some of these items are outdated so I've decided to put any current comments in red next to my entries.  Freshen them up a bit!

Here it goes......Is it just me?

-When did PlayStation get so popular that people have gotten practically killed over it just standing in line at Best Buy waiting to get it?  Its so stupid. DUDE!  It's A F*CKING VIDEO GAME CONSOLE!! not exactly a life or death situation. (this was back when PS3 first came out, then people went just as crazy for the Wii)

-Is it me?  Or should there be some kind of support group for TV addicts?  Seriously.......I watch too much TV.  oy.  (yep, still applies today)

-Why  must birthday/anniversary gifts be so difficult for women to figure out?  Historically, I've been fantastic at surprising my husband, creating little games and treasure hunts for him before he gets to his presents.  I haven't the slightest clue as to what to do for his gifts come this Wednesday!!!  Damn you guys for being hard to shop for! (yep, still applies today lol)

-Is it just me?  Or has my catch phrase been sweeping the nation?  First its here at work, then i hear it all the time on tv!  Alright ladies and gentlemen, there it signature catch phrase sweeping the it goes......"WHO DOES THAT??"  its simple yet so expressive.  :)
(started that phrase a long time ago, caught on at my last job like Mono in a freshman dorm, now? not so much)

-OK.  Who else can't stand the phrase "New and Improved"  Is it New?  Or is it improved?  DAMNIT it can't be both!!!! (still agree)

-How hard is it to unpack....really.  I'm so sick of unpacking boxes its ridiculous.  I can't wait for vacay!!  30 Days away! (wow this was back on 2006 when we moved into our condo!)

-Why are people on ebay so stupid?  I listed some CD's as "Mint condition" and i get a question back: "Does that mean they're scratched?"  UGH HOW RETARDED ARE YOU????

-How come its always the little ducklings in high school that turn out to be the swans?  I just saw someone's profile that i knew in high school, and he looks nothing like he did then.  GOOD FOR YOU! and damnit good for me too, word up to all my little ducklings!  LOL

-Are all scientologists crazy?  ....That's it...that's all i have to ask.

-why can't women's shoes be more comfortable?  right now I'm at work but my shoes are off under my desk.  AH, sweet relief. (still happens every now and then)

-Is it just me?  or do you see swearing in the near future being allowed on TV?  I already hear A$$hole and sh*t being said on cable, i'm just waiting for someone to drop the "F" bomb and have it be allowed.  should be interesting. (i still agree, we're not that far off)

-So how come those silicone bracelets got SOOO out of hand and were created for every little thing?  I hope that Lance Armstrong gets something in the royalties for making them so popular! 

-Why do things that are so bad for you, taste so good?  Drives me nuts! (ah, the battle)

-What's with all these a$$holes out there mistreating animals?  I just heard a story about puppies/dogs being cut open and stuffed w/heroine bags to smuggle them in the country.  Those people need to rot in HELL! (still agree and there are still retched people out there)

-How come I keep getting friend requests from Guys hitting on me?  Don't they read that i'm MARRIED??? (thanks to the privacy settings on facebook, no longer have to worry about this one)

-Is Eminem on crack?  Didn't he BASH repeatedly his ex-wife on just about every form of media there is?  Now he's getting back together w/her?  HUH?  (if I'm not mistaken, i think they're broken up again)

-Is there something fundamentally wrong with being able to buy a larger water bottle from the vending machine in the cafeteria, than the actual cafeteria?  Vending machine was sold out of water, so i had to pay MORE to get Less.  

-How come when you walk by someone w/perfume, it NEVER smells good?  For once I would like to walk by someone who has on strong perfume/cologne and be like "wow, that actually smells good"

-Ever wonder why some signs say "open 7 days a week, Sunday's too?"  WTF??

-Why can't telemarketers just take a hint?  NO MEANS NO!

-When did everybody decide its ok to go out and drink on a weeknight with work the next day?  I don't understand?  I'm too tired! (stupid trend of happy hours on thursdays make me sick)

-Why is it that as soon as you're out of college, you can't hold your liquor like you used to?  I used to be able to have all kinds of crazy concoctions, mix everything and be fine.  Now?  I have one different drink than the rest of the night and my stomach hates me in the morning!

-Why do girls suffer from verbal diarrhea?  We gossip too much! (still true, though I'm doing my best to cut that out)

-Why in the hell were "sneaker books" in style?  you know what i'm talking about?  those boots with stilletto heels pointy toe and it looks like a sneaker with shoe laces. THOSE ARE SO UGLY!

-Or is there something fundamentally wrong with charging $9 for a movie when a theater doesn't have stadium seating? (HA, now its $10.25!!)

-When we were freshman in high school, the seniors seemed SO old, but when we became seniors, we didn't feel that old? (still contemplating that one)

Starting it again!

Here's a little history on my blog.

For those of you who remember the days before Facebook, there was this magical little site called MySpace.  During this time, people used it to find old friends, catch up, share pictures, post messages....starting to sound familiar?

Anywho, 'twas here that I decided to start a blog called "Is It Just Me?!?"  I got the inspiration from TV Guide that had an article by the same name where the writer would complain about things on television.  Well I am using the same concept but addressing it to "real life." 

And that's how it all began!  So I will do my best to try and update this blog as frequent as possible.  My goal is to do it once a week but we'll see.  Things have changed since the days of MySpace.  I have a baby now, new job and even some new friends!  Hope you can enjoy my thoughts on life, who knows, you might even feel the same way!!