Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going back....wayyyy back

So here are the previous entries to my blog before I had a writing hiatus.  Some of these items are outdated so I've decided to put any current comments in red next to my entries.  Freshen them up a bit!

Here it goes......Is it just me?

-When did PlayStation get so popular that people have gotten practically killed over it just standing in line at Best Buy waiting to get it?  Its so stupid. DUDE!  It's A F*CKING VIDEO GAME CONSOLE!! not exactly a life or death situation. (this was back when PS3 first came out, then people went just as crazy for the Wii)

-Is it me?  Or should there be some kind of support group for TV addicts?  Seriously.......I watch too much TV.  oy.  (yep, still applies today)

-Why  must birthday/anniversary gifts be so difficult for women to figure out?  Historically, I've been fantastic at surprising my husband, creating little games and treasure hunts for him before he gets to his presents.  I haven't the slightest clue as to what to do for his gifts come this Wednesday!!!  Damn you guys for being hard to shop for! (yep, still applies today lol)

-Is it just me?  Or has my catch phrase been sweeping the nation?  First its here at work, then i hear it all the time on tv!  Alright ladies and gentlemen, there it signature catch phrase sweeping the it goes......"WHO DOES THAT??"  its simple yet so expressive.  :)
(started that phrase a long time ago, caught on at my last job like Mono in a freshman dorm, now? not so much)

-OK.  Who else can't stand the phrase "New and Improved"  Is it New?  Or is it improved?  DAMNIT it can't be both!!!! (still agree)

-How hard is it to unpack....really.  I'm so sick of unpacking boxes its ridiculous.  I can't wait for vacay!!  30 Days away! (wow this was back on 2006 when we moved into our condo!)

-Why are people on ebay so stupid?  I listed some CD's as "Mint condition" and i get a question back: "Does that mean they're scratched?"  UGH HOW RETARDED ARE YOU????

-How come its always the little ducklings in high school that turn out to be the swans?  I just saw someone's profile that i knew in high school, and he looks nothing like he did then.  GOOD FOR YOU! and damnit good for me too, word up to all my little ducklings!  LOL

-Are all scientologists crazy?  ....That's it...that's all i have to ask.

-why can't women's shoes be more comfortable?  right now I'm at work but my shoes are off under my desk.  AH, sweet relief. (still happens every now and then)

-Is it just me?  or do you see swearing in the near future being allowed on TV?  I already hear A$$hole and sh*t being said on cable, i'm just waiting for someone to drop the "F" bomb and have it be allowed.  should be interesting. (i still agree, we're not that far off)

-So how come those silicone bracelets got SOOO out of hand and were created for every little thing?  I hope that Lance Armstrong gets something in the royalties for making them so popular! 

-Why do things that are so bad for you, taste so good?  Drives me nuts! (ah, the battle)

-What's with all these a$$holes out there mistreating animals?  I just heard a story about puppies/dogs being cut open and stuffed w/heroine bags to smuggle them in the country.  Those people need to rot in HELL! (still agree and there are still retched people out there)

-How come I keep getting friend requests from Guys hitting on me?  Don't they read that i'm MARRIED??? (thanks to the privacy settings on facebook, no longer have to worry about this one)

-Is Eminem on crack?  Didn't he BASH repeatedly his ex-wife on just about every form of media there is?  Now he's getting back together w/her?  HUH?  (if I'm not mistaken, i think they're broken up again)

-Is there something fundamentally wrong with being able to buy a larger water bottle from the vending machine in the cafeteria, than the actual cafeteria?  Vending machine was sold out of water, so i had to pay MORE to get Less.  

-How come when you walk by someone w/perfume, it NEVER smells good?  For once I would like to walk by someone who has on strong perfume/cologne and be like "wow, that actually smells good"

-Ever wonder why some signs say "open 7 days a week, Sunday's too?"  WTF??

-Why can't telemarketers just take a hint?  NO MEANS NO!

-When did everybody decide its ok to go out and drink on a weeknight with work the next day?  I don't understand?  I'm too tired! (stupid trend of happy hours on thursdays make me sick)

-Why is it that as soon as you're out of college, you can't hold your liquor like you used to?  I used to be able to have all kinds of crazy concoctions, mix everything and be fine.  Now?  I have one different drink than the rest of the night and my stomach hates me in the morning!

-Why do girls suffer from verbal diarrhea?  We gossip too much! (still true, though I'm doing my best to cut that out)

-Why in the hell were "sneaker books" in style?  you know what i'm talking about?  those boots with stilletto heels pointy toe and it looks like a sneaker with shoe laces. THOSE ARE SO UGLY!

-Or is there something fundamentally wrong with charging $9 for a movie when a theater doesn't have stadium seating? (HA, now its $10.25!!)

-When we were freshman in high school, the seniors seemed SO old, but when we became seniors, we didn't feel that old? (still contemplating that one)

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