Friday, March 11, 2011

Is it just me? Baby edition!

Babies....I know right?
This is the mommy side attempting to blog about life with baby while asking the question....Is it just me?

-Am I still the only one out there NOT ok with putting their kid on a leash?  Whatever happened to giving your kid "the stare" that put them right in their place and they better not to run off, or else??  If anyone sees me put a leash on my kid, please print out this blog entry in big bold font on a t-shirt labeled "hypocrite!"

-When I was pregnant, I hated unsolicited advice from other moms and swore I'd never be that way.  And yet, on a several occasions I caught myself doing what I despised!!  Tsk Tsk mommy.

-Am I the only one seriously disturbed about preaching babies??  Just saw some random youtube videos that have babies and kids preaching in a church.  Clearly they are fed this stuff how can they possibly at the young age of 18 months (yes I said 18 months) understand what is happening around them? This one baby, clearly not "speaking" but actively preaching to a parish!  With people yelling Amen! and Hallelujah! I'm disturbed.

-When did babies get so gross?  I don't recall ever being warned that once you become a parent you're likely to be sneezed on, pooped on, peed on, puked on, all on?!?  All you hear is aww babies are great, they change your life.  I could have used a little warning, "hey, one day your child might sneeze right into your mouth."  GROSS (unless you see it as a way of your baby sharing their love)

-Why can't parents find the line between sharing good news about their child and bragging about them?  I know I've caught myself doing it too <wagging finger at myself> I try my best to keep it balanced but every once in a while, talking to another parent brings out this verbal diarrhea and insist on talking about all my child's accomplishments.  To all parents (and myself) lets take it back a notch!

Heck, maybe it is just me...


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