Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is it just me? Random thoughts...

-Does anyone else realize that we (meaning my generation) are like the last of the Mohicans?  We are the last ones to know what it was like to grow up without cell phones, computers in every home, and hell DVR!  Our kids will never understand what it means to go to a library just to look something up in the encyclopedia.  Thanks to the magical world of the technology, everything comes to us faster and easier.

-What is wrong with comedians who think its funny to poke fun at a tragedy JUST after it happens?  Heard about Gilbert Godfried's very crude and tasteless jokes about the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  The body wasn't even cold yet man!  I'm all about comic relief to help people move past tragedies but let these people grieve for a little while before you start metaphorically kicking them in the nuts. (Update, also read that he was fired from Aflac as the voice of the duck.  Understandable considering the amount of business Aflac does in Japan)

-Is it just me?  Why does it seem that celebrity "justice" is extremely light compared to those of us in the "real world?"  I'm thinking of the Paris Hilton's, the Lindsay Lohans of the world.  I think any other person, with multiple dui's would probably have served more than a couple weeks in jail.  What about cocaine possession? Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars basically got away with it.  I don't even think they got jail time for it.  Why do they get an easier time?

-Why do we encourage some celebrity mistakes and discourage others?  I just heard about Chris Brown causing a scene at the Good Morning America set this morning, smashing a window with a chair, freaking out screaming and storming off without a shirt (wtf?) because they asked him questions live about the Rhianna incident that happened a couple years ago.  Chris is definitely to blame for his own actions today and should take responsibility for them.  He clearly needs more anger management and the fact that he's trying to restart his career, now is not the time to fly off the handle considering what happened in his past. Rumor has it he also pre-approved questions being asked about the incident but who knows if that's true.  Chris Brown was there to promote a new album and to try and start anew. The incident between Chris Brown and Rhianna happened 2 years ago!  He has since served his time (whether or not we believe it was just is another issue) and has even been forgiven by Rhianna herself.  When is it an appropriate time to let it go?  I'm not an advocate for Chris Brown, personally I don't care for the guy and would never let my daughter date him.  But how and when do we as a society dictate what gets "let go"?  Clearly we've let go of all of Charlie Sheen's wrongdoings, look at him now!  Have we forgotten that he himself has gotten into violent domestic disputes in the past?  Eminem?  Half his songs are about the violence that occurred between him and his ex and till this day still has an amazing career.  Michael Vick?  He committed some pretty heinous crimes, served his time, then was cheered on when playing a great football season.  When is it "ok" to let go of the past? or is it?  Sometimes I'm torn myself.

Since my last thought was a little strong, I want to end on a weird and lighter note.  Here it goes...

-Is it just me?  Does anyone find the combination of religion and pole dancing put together an awkward concept?  Wait, what did I just write?  YES , Christianity and POLE DANCING.
see for yourselves....

who knows, maybe it is just me


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