Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reality sets in.....

Ok, so these are legitimate reality shows that have been on tv.  And I'm asking, is it just me, or are these producers/contestants nuts??

In order of dumb/weird/crazy take your pick.

1. Survival of the Richest (2006)  The premise of this show pairs up seven "rich kids" with 7 "poor kids," play in challenges to win a final prize of $200k to split.  Basically the challenges were to make the "rich kids" do things they've never done like grocery shopping, manual labor, etc and make fun of them.  The poor kids? well they had a chance to win money.  Sounds like a lame idea, didn't do well at all in the ratings and they played right into the stereotypes of "rich kids" and "poor kids."  I mean come on, look at the publicity photo for one of the rich girls.  Paris Hilton much??

2. Married by America (2003)  Premise of the show?  Exactly what the title states.  Basically contestants were selected by viewer votes, then paired up to be married without seeing each other!  yes, that's right, not dating, but married.  These couples would spend a couple weeks sequestered together, learn about each other, then the day of the ceremony at the alter, decide whether or not they would get married.  Good grief!!!  Same-sex marriage is illegal in many states, but THIS is ok???  I don't get it.

3. Superstar USA (2004)  This one while I think is stupid, is pretty funny.  Its basically an American Idol ripoff where instead of looking for the best singers, they're looking for the worst!!  At the end they win some money and a chance to record a song (though why anyone would listen to it is beyond me).  They get encouraged by the judges saying how great they are, so the whole time, they're thinking they're actually good.  Its not until the very end that they tell them, hey actually we picked you because you're the worst singer out here.  Here's what's really messed up, for the final performance in front of a live audience, the producers were worried about them keeping a straight composure while the contestants sang, so they told the audience that the contestants were very sick and this was their last wish to be made over like a superstar and sing.  How effed up is that??

4. The Swan (2004)  I'm sure many of you will remember this freakshow of a competition.  The premise? Women deemed "ugly ducklings" by society, compete against each other and go under the knife with EXTREME plastic surgery, life coach training and gym training in order to be transformed into a beautiful "swan."  The big "shock" of the show is that these women are NOT allowed to look at themselves in a mirror at all until the "big reveal."  I remember when this show came out, I felt like it was the start of a new era with reality tv and not in a good way.  Plastic surgery was definitely taken too far by performing multiple procedures in one day and all the while making these women believe they will be beautiful afterward.  Essentially telling them, they weren't before.  Now I won't lie, I watched this series like a hawk but decided not to see the 2nd season once it was renewed.  I had enough shock and awe from seeing these women in pain recovering from surgery.  But decide for yourselves!

5. He's a Lady (2004)  This one is pretty darn funny if I do say so myself.  "Manly" men think they're competing in guy type competition for money. But they find out they're competing as women, doing feminine things!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Check out the preview down below.  Sadly I did not see this one when it was on the air.  Wish I did!

6. Shattered (UK) Very simple premise.....Stay AWAKE!!!  Yep, that's it.  Stay awake.  Contestants are living together in a house sleep deprived for 7 days while participating in challenges.  Person who lasts the longest wins money.  Now in fairness for their "safety" they were allowed 1 hr of sleep every day. OOOhhh an hour, how thoughtful.  Seriuosly, you can go insane without sleep.  And for 7 days?  They had to compete in mental challenges which would increase the pot at the end.  But if a contestant closed their eyes for over ten seconds, then money was deducted from the final prize.  One thing I find funny is that the contestants got to dish out "snooze you lose" challenges.  Where for 1 hour a contestant had to stay awake while doing something that would normally make you fall asleep like a relaxing massage, counting sheep on a tv, or listening to a lecture on trigonometry haha.  This show is high on the crazy scale due to the fact that its very dangerous for the mind to go that long without sleep.  I just hope no one suffered any permanent damage.

7. There's something about Miriam (UK)  Last but not least.  The show that I don't believe would get aired in the US anytime soon.  There's something about Miriam.  The premise? A dating show! Simple enough right?  Guys trying to win the prize of a girl......except.....she's not a girl!! She was born a man!!!  How messed up is that??  See below, the final mean.

No good reality show would be complete without a proper sendoff.  Below is a list of "elimination phrases."  You can highlight next to the phrase to see what show its from.  How many can you guess right?  Please comment below!

Let's start easy:
You're Out.  Auf Wiedersehen   Project Runway
You are the weakest link, good bye   The Weakest Link
You are not the biggest loser  The Biggest Loser
The tribe has spoken   Survivor
Please pack your knives and go  Top Chef
I'm sorry to tell you, you've both been eliminated from the race   The Amazing Race
You're fired  The Apprentice
Your tour ends here  Rock of Love

Getting a little harder...
You're time is up  Flavor of Love
You're just a tool  Tool Academy
Our friendship is finished.  TTYN   Paris Hilton's: My new BFF 
Membership denied; please remove your blazer  From G's to Gents
You must leave the chateau    Joe Millionaire
You just don't fit in    The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
Now sashay away   Ru Paul's Drag Race

I'd be amazed if you knew these!
Please turn in your costume  Who Wants to be a Superhero
This was your final cut  Shear Genius
Your not going to get lei'd tonight  My Antonio
We cannot live in your design  Top Design
You're out of fashion   The Fashion Show
You're not on the list  I Want to be a Hilton
You're out of style   The Cut
Your wedding will still go on, it just won't be perfect   Bridalplasty

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