Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is it just me? TV edition!

Come on now.  I watch way too much TV but so do a lot of you!  This entry is dedicated to all my fellow tv nuts.

Is it just me?

-Have we had enough yet of duplicate reality shows?  Yes they all have different names but seriously we all know you're copying an original.  Iron Chef spawned: Top Chef, Hells Kitchen, Next Food network star, The Chopping Block.  Real World spawned: well anything with people living in a house really.  Enough already! Stick with the originals or come up with your own idea!  Look how many fashion competition shows there are: Project Runway, The Fashion Show, The Cut, Blow out, Shear Genius, the list goes on and on.
(and yet i watch a good portion of these)

-Here are some shows that can just keep going season after season and never get old: Modern Family, Survivor, Top Chef, Amazing Race, House, Big Bang Theory, The Office (though i wonder how it will do w/out Steve Carrell) and I'm sure there are others.  Shows that I think need to retire: america's next top model, biggest loser, wipeout (how many times can I watch someone fall down), private practice (I still watch but I think it needs to be put down), how i met your mother (still a fan but come on, who's the mom already!)

-Is there just a sick fascination (really mine) with the Jersey Shore?  These people are not normal.  Or maybe they are?  I didn't grow up in Jersey or Staten Island or anywhere else these kids are from so I didn't get a lot of exposure to the tanned personas they portray.  But really?  Guys punching girls, girls punching guys, really?  this is now our entertainment? Damn you for being so addicting!

-I'm in desperate need of a "holy sh*t, blow my mind, talk about it for the next 48 hours" episode of television.  Where is that?  Haven't had a moment like that since the infamous episode of Grey's anatomy where there was a shooting rampage.  Or the episode of House where it turned out he was hallucinating the whole time.  AHH I need that kind of episode now, I have a craving for some SERIOUSLY good tv.

-Does anyone else think people go to certain extremes just because there's a show about it?  Like 16 & Pregnant.  Do you think there are some girls out there right now trying to get preggers so they can try and be on MTV? and what happens when they fail?  stuck living the life of a pregnant teenager and young mom?  or what about the Biggest Loser? Maybe there are some people right now just overweight and think "I'm not fat enough for this show" and pack it on so they can try and get on?  Maybe its just me but I bet there are people out there like that.  scary thought

-Is it me? or is the show "Oobi" for kids the creepiest thing you've ever seen??  I mean its basically all hands with eyes that talk.  I saw it last night and was like "WTF?"


Or maybe its just me.


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