Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How stupid can you be? Really?

Since I couldn't decide, I titled this blog with two questions.  It seems like lately I'm hearing some ridiculous stories of "dumb" criminal activity.  I mean really, how ridiculous can you be?!?

1. Bad decisions equal bad tattoos?  Lets take a look...

Ok so this guy's name is Anthony Garcia.  He is a member of a prominent gang in California.  What amazes me, is this guy had the "cojones" to not only get a ridiculously ugly tattoo on his chest.  But this ridiculous tattoo actually depicts IN DETAIL a murder that he committed!  Isn't like the number one rule of committing a crime NOT to leave any evidence behind?
"Each key detail was right there: the Christmas lights that lined the roof of the liquor store where 23-year-old John Juarez was gunned down, the direction his body fell, the bowed street lamp across the way and the street sign — all under the chilling banner of RIVERA KILLS, a reference to the gang Rivera-13."

2. Check out This Guy pictured below

His named Bruce Manlove <insert gay porn joke here>.  So one fine day, little old Bruce decides "hey, I think I'm going rob a 7-11!"  Great idea right?  Just walk in, hand the clerk a note that says "this is a robbery" get some cash, some cigs and be out.  Hell it might have even worked if he didn't write the robbery note on the back of his prison release paperwork!!  That's right, he robbed a store with a piece of paper that showed he got OUT of, did you miss it that much?  I mean really.

3.  You left WHAT behind?

Picture this....  You come home one day, look around and realize "oh crap I've been robbed!"  What do you do? you get frantic, you call the police and you start looking around for what they took.  Imagine your surprise when the robber decided he wouldn't take all your stuff with nothing in return, oh gosh no, he wanted to bestow upon you his most precious gift of all!  A t-shirt with his mugshot on it that says "Making Money Is My Thang"  Oh, I'm sorry did you leave that t-shirt at my house?  No worries, I'll make sure the cops get it back to you.  Good grief.

4.  You thought THAT would be fun??  
Ok so this story is not technically a "crime" story though I do believe this person should be arrested for being so incredibly stoooopid.  A high school student on a field trip to the Golden Gate Bridge decided to jump off the bridge because quote he "thought it would be fun"  ummmm what??  What exactly would make you think that jumping off a bridge which has killed over 13,000 people, would be fun??  Seriously?  Incredibly he did survive with a broken tailbone, torn lung and bruising.  He's lucky he's not dead.  He gets the Darwin award on this one.

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5.  Oh no she didn't! 
Oh yes she did.  Michelle Astumian of San Luis Obispo in California was facing charges of forging prescriptions and writing bad checks.  Well Ms. Astumian clearly didn't understand the fact that she was NOT good at what she does because she showed up in court with a forged doctor's note asking for a postponement!  First? That takes serious balls.  Second? Really?!?  You are involved in a pending case of FORGERY.  Did you ever stop for just one itty bitty second and think "hmm, this might be a bad idea?"  no bueno bueno.

This is something that should be on "to catch a criminal" its so ridiculous.  FBI is always undercover trying to find disgusting perverts who are interested in sharing child pornography.  Well clearly some people are just THAT stupid and don't think about their screenames when performing said illegal acts.
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And last but not least, this story brings bad parenting to a whole new low.

This lovely lady was visiting her boyfriend in jail and decided to bring him a little treat!  Hidden inside a newborn baby’s diaper, were 9 pills including Xanax and Suboxone.  Really lady?  First off, you're trying to smuggle drugs into a prison, second you're a mother who decides to use her baby to help her out.  I am deeply disturbed by this.  How much does your boyfriend, who is incarcerated, mean to you that you would stoop so low as to abuse your newborn baby (yes I believe using your baby for criminal activity constitutes abuse).  Really lady? Really?!?  Yep, you get the mother of the year award.

Are these people just really that stupid?  Can't they think of something more useful to do with their lives?  Maybe its just me...


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