Sunday, April 10, 2011

You paid HOW much??

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if money was as easy to come by as a roll of toilet paper?  If you could literally wipe your butt with it and not blink an eye?  If that were the case, would you buy anything you wanted at any cost?  Would you think twice about how ridiculous the price tag is?  Clearly there are people in the world that don't because I can't understand why there is a market for things that just shouldn't cost what they do.  Is it just me?  I have to wonder if I was a gajillionaire, would I spend the money and think nothing of it?

Here are some things I found that I can't believe people actually are willing pay the price they're asking for.

Random Items:

1.  The Mystery Masterpiece - A pen.  Fancy name right? Should have a fancy name for that fancy pricetag it comes with.  Ready? $730,000!!!  AHHHH!!  Almost a million dollars for a pen!  Does it write in gold?  This limited edition pen was conjured up by Mont Blanc and Van Cleef & Arpel.  It is currently listed as the most expensive pen in the world.  The pen has 840 diamonds and more than 20 carats of gemstones.  It took them over 18 months to make this pen.  Would you do it? would you buy this pen if money were no object?  Could you even fathom spending that, on a PEN.  a PEN!!

2.  Pioneer Linens - Luxury Bed Linen, Designer Linens, Contemporary Bed Linens and Bath.  Ahhh, sounds nice right?  Sounds heavenly, luxury bed linens.  That's not what concerns me.  What concerns me is that they have for sale right now on their website a 24-carat gold plated toilet brush holder for a magical price of $575!  Umm, does that come with a brush too? sign me up!  Really?  You choose that  to plate in gold? The thing that holds what is probably the most germ filled item you may have in your house.  And people are buying it too!!  Is that to go with your gold toilet and gold bathtub?  Maaa, I want one too!

3. Models Own - A company based in London, Models Own sells make up and accessories.  Cute stuff, nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to pricing....oh well except one thing.  The worlds most expensive nail polish ever!  The "Gold Rush Couture" (not the polish but the bottle) was sold for £83,000 = approximately $136,000 US dollars!  For a nail polish BOTTLE.  This bottle was hand-crafted from yellow gold and has a total of 1,118 diamonds.  As the website states "an ideal gift for the woman who has everything!"  Umm yeah, you better have EVERYTHING if you're ok with spending that kind of money on a small nail polish bottle.

4.  Oscar Newman -Great website for pet owners! Who doesn't love their pet right?  Well you better love them like they're your flesh and blood if you're willing to spend the kind of money this website wants out of you! I understand people's want to dress up their pets.  Heck I think its cute.  What I don't think is cute is buying a dress (that comes with a bolero) for $103! Is it the bolero? Did that raise the price?  Best part is, you link to the doggy dress, and below it, makes suggestions of what could go well with it (of course).  So naturally why not buy those things too??  The below outfit, FOR YOUR DOG, includes a dress, bolero, a winter coat and matching necklace.  That comes to a retail price of $287.  Yay!

Baby Items:

1. Jacadi - This is a designer for baby clothes made in France.  Of course, they're cute and wonderfully made.  But I'm sorry, they are clothes for babies, of which they will spit, poop and pee on.  But you know what? You're right, I DO need a $100 baby romper!  Yes that's right, $100 for ONE romper.  Anyone who has children know, they aren't wearing it for longer than a month or 2 when they're that young, they will grow out of that faster than a prom dress comes off.  Do you think this is worth $100?

2.  Poshtots - Cute, upscale baby furniture.  Lovely of course, but would I pay $2600 for a bassinet???  Bassinets do not last you longer than maybe 3 months due to the weight limits.  I just can't fathom dropping $2600 on something that looks like a medieval torture device.

3. Armani Baby - Famous designer, beautiful clothing.  Probably would love to own a dress or two.  However, despite how rich I'd have to be to own Armani clothing, I don't think I could make myself pay $95 for a baby hat and booties.

4.  Jonathan Adler - As the website states "Happy Chic decorative home accessories & designer pottery."  Beautiful stuff, nice designs, great colors.  But what really got me was their "junior" section.  Was looking around at the furniture and found they had a "junior sofa" that ranges from $1750-$2200!  That is a JUNIOR sofa, meaning for your kids.  Umm...I'm pretty sure I didn't spend that on all of my furniture in my living room! (thanks Ikea).  How much money does one need to have in their bank account, that it would feel fine to pay $2200 for your KID'S couch?  Wow!

5.  Steiff Teddy Bears - Steiff is known around the world as the company that invented the teddy bear.  Awesome! Who didn't have a teddy bear growing up?  I sure did, and so does my daughter.  But I don't think, even if I had all the money in the world I'd buy the teddy bear shown below.  Cost?? $84,000!  I didn't have the comma in the wrong place, that is 84k for a teddy bear!  It was made as a limited edition bear for Steiff's 125th anniversary.  The bear has a mouth made of solid gold and fur made from gold thread.  Its eyes?  They have sapphire pupils and diamond irises.  WTF?  seriously.  How dumb would you feel if you bought that for your kid and it bit one of the eyes off and swallowed it?  They'd literally poop diamonds ha!

What do you think?  Would you buy some of these things if money were no object?  I'm not sure I can say "no" for certain.  Honestly I can't really fathom what it would be like to not think of money and not worry how its spent.  Do you think the Jersey Shore cast feels that way?  Maybe its just me.

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  1. Hey thanks for the follow! And it's so not just you - those are ridiculous prices! And totally lame. Whoever needs to scrub their poo off their toilet with a gold handled brush is way to lame to be called human.