Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guilty Pleasures!

Faithful readers!! I've been on a small break but now I'm back! I've dedicated this blog to my personal guilty pleasures, I hope you enjoy and who knows we may have something in common!

The TV I watch: 

1. Mob Wives: Ah Mob Wives. My latest and greatest guilty pleasure.  I can't help but be captivated by these women and the show. Is it the Staten Island accent? The lifestyle they lead? The fights? The drama? Whatever it is, I'm hooked.  I'd love to get my hands on an uncensored copy of the show so I don't have to hear "bleep bleep this" and "bleep bleep you."   This is on Sunday nights on VH1, I highly recommend tuning in.

2. Jersey Shore:  How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.  I love thee to the depth and breath and drunkeness!!  These self proclaimed "guidos" and "guidettes" have captivated America with fist pumping, lady humping and club thumping that will make any party college proud!  Season 1 they made magic in the Jersey Shore, season 2 they took their insanity to Miami beach (I still don't think its the same) and for season 3, they made their way back home to Seaside Heights in NJ.  Coming soon, The Jersey Shore cast is taking their antics all the way across the pond to the motherland, ITALY!  They've had a lot of issues come up from production delays, salary negotiations and the Mayor of Florence imposing rules on the show of what they can and cannot film. Here are a couple of the rules:
  • The cast will not be filmed in bars and clubs that serve alcohol.
  • The cast will not be filmed drinking in public.
  • The show will not be filmed to promote Florence as a drinking town.
  • The show should be filmed in a manner to promote Italy (not Americans visiting Italy) and feature its culture and good food.
Ummm, they do understand what the Jersey Shore MTV show is right??  Maybe they should've watched the clip below and realized what they signed up for.

3. WWE's Tough Enough: WWE got it right with this one.  Its been a while since I've watched WWE programming but I must admit, I'm hooked on Tough Enough!  Since its returned to its original "reality tv" like programming, I'm a fan.  The contestants have eccentric personalities including a D.B.I.T (dbag in training), I won't say who, you'll have to watch to see, and at the end of all this, the winner will get a WWE contract.  Whether or not any of these people really make it big time is tough to say, you never now.  Unfortunately they don't have a great history with keeping the tough enough contestants on TV long enough.  Seems like the most successful winner is John Hennigan aka John Morrison who's currently a WWE superstar and has been now for a while.  I with them all luck!

Music I admit is on my iPod

1. All of the Glee soundtrack albums: I will never be ashamed to admit that I own all of the Glee CD's.  They are a total guilty pleasure!  I love the cover songs, I feel those kids are very talented and with all the hard work they put into that show, I have no problem buying the albums in the store Old School style lol.

2. Justin Bieber - "Baby": I am actually ashamed to admit this one.  Dammit it is a catchy tune! I'm also sad to say that is the only song my 20 month old daughter knows how to sing.  She sings the main chorus, too cute.

3. Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby": Alright stop...collaborate and listen. (Sorry couldn't help myself)  This song needs no explanation.  It is a true guilty pleasure that reminds me of my youth and how much we LOVED this song.  Still brings back memories and gives me a smile.  Don't hate!

Movies I actually own:

1. Once Bitten (1985)- This terrible vampire movie starred a very young Jim Carrey!  I honestly don't remember the first time I saw it but I remember loving the "campy-ness" of it!  Its over the top, poorly acted and downright a great movie to try and make a drinking game to.  (I'm still working on that.)  I can't even count how many times I've watched it, still doesn't get old.  Unfortunately I'll have to try and find it on DVD since the copy I own is a VHS (for those of you who still remember them). Check out the trailer below.

2. Biodome (1996)- This ridiculous movie stars Pauly Shore (at the height of his comedic films) and a young Stephen Baldwin before he went cuckoo.  These two lazy best friends were driving looking for their girlfriends when they stop at what they think is a Mall but actually a an experimental Biodome set to house 5 scientists for 1 year and sustain life inside essentially a bubble.  Ridiculous but high-larious.  I definitely recommend it if you ever get bored, must have seen this film EASILY over 100 times.  It's definitely a guilty pleasure.

image via wikipedia

3. Robin Hood Men in Tights (1993)- One of the greatest spoofs in my eyes ever to hit the big screen.  Even if you haven't seen Prince of Thieves, most of you know the story of Robin Hood and will be able to appreciate this film.  Definitely one of my most worn out films, this guilty pleasure will always be a favorite for many years to come.  Highly quotable and highly laugh out loud funny.  One of my favorite lines comes from Tracy Ulmann's character "Latrine."
Prince John: "What an unusual name Latrine, how did your family come by it."
Latrine: "We changed it in the 9th century"
Prince John: "Wait, you changed it to Latrine?"
Latrine: "Yeah. Used to be Shithouse"

Websites I follow too much:

1. - One of my best guilty pleasures.  Celebrity Gossip at its best. I love it and sometimes love him.  He can be a bit harsh at times and there are certainly times when I don't agree with his methods but whatever the case may be, this popular website shows no signs of slowing down!!

2. Cyanide & Happiness Comics - There's really not much I can say except....its sooo wrong!! I love it!  These comics are crass, rude, completely inappropriate, and absolutely freaking funny.  Check our their latest and greatest!

3. FACEBOOK!!  Ok this is probably a lot of people's guilty pleasure.  But how can it not be?? A place to be able to stalk our friends anonymously?  That's madness!  Speaking of facebook, please be sure to click on the link and "like" my fan page if you enjoy my blog or you can follow me on twitter @isitjustmekb

Future Guilty Pleasures

These will surely make my list soon enough once they're out in the world:

1. New TV show called H8R. This show pairs up celebrities with their biggest "haters" in hopes of winning them over.  So far they've signed up Snooki from the Jersey Shore and Kim Kardashian.  Umm, can you please call me for this and pair me up with Christina Ricci?  Don't ask me why....I'm a hater. Always have been, likely always will be.  Perhaps it stems from my teenage jealousy when she kissed my teen hearthrob Devon Sawa in the 1995 movie Casper.....bitch.

2. Napoleon Dynamite, the animated series.  Coming soon to Fox networks!  I think the only reason I'll be watching it is because they will have the entire original cast doing the voices!  Check out the promo!!

Are any of my guilty pleasures yours as well?  Maybe its just me?


Monday, May 2, 2011

Random thoughts part deux

These are my random "is it just me" isms.  Maybe you'll feel the same?

  • I just read this Amazing thing today on  "A new survey says 6 percent of employers provide nap rooms for their workers, compared with 5 percent last year."  Nap rooms??? SIGN ME UP!!!  After more stories are coming out about airline pilots falling asleep on the job, its good to hear that some places are willing to have a place for their employees to get some shut-eye.  Its either that, or allow employees to leave at a decent time so they can go home and actually get real rest.

  • Don't ask me why, but no matter what mood I'm in, if I hear this joke, it will always always make me laugh. Best part is the title of the video has a typo haha.

  • Why does it seem like there are lawsuits for everything nowadays?  S. Victor Whitmill, the guy how famously put that hideous tattoo on Mike Tyson's face, is now suing Warner Brothers because they used that same tattoo on Ed Helms face in the new movie "Hangover 2."  He's trying to stop the video from showing the tattoo in the film....Um dude...this is free advertising!!!  If that's your work, people will find out, hell may get a little more business for you!!  Stop looking for an easy paycheck.  sheesh.

  • Does time move too fast?  No really.  I just read that the show COPS has been on for 22 freaking years!!!  AND its still on!  Holy crap. Congratulations to that cash cow for still finding hookers, drug dealers and crazy drunks to arrest.  kudos.

  • Are people really this bored??  I don't get it. Just reading this news article about the sewer system at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Fine Arts Complex. Suffered a ton of damaged due to an overwhelming clog of children's socks!! So random!! People have been flushing the socks since December. I don't get it, like what is the point. To clog the sewers? Only hurts you if your toilet stops working campus. Ick. Funniest quote comes from the maintenance superintendent, Bill Cox. He says "campus officials are powerless to stop the sock assault." Haha, sock assault.

  • Is it just me? Does Katy Perry's new E.T. song, sound just like Tatu's "All the things you said"?  Take a listen, tell me what you think:

  • Why are Easter Bunnies made so creepy? They're supposed to be cute, cuddly and loveable and yet, whenever I've seen people bringing their kids to the mall to take a picture with them, most of those kids are screaming and crying...why? Umm maybe its because the Easter bunny looks like these below!!(courtesy of

Please don't eat my baby

Please, let me go right down to the mall now

Seriously WTF is that?

  • The downside of sharing things on FB, this courtesy of  LOL! 

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