Monday, June 20, 2011

WTF Pic of the week!

This week's WTF pic comes to us from a great little website called

I was on it this week, shopping for scrapbooking supplies when I thought, "hey, maybe I can buy some stickers for my daughter!"  she loves them.  So I'm browsing, I'm browsing, I'm browsing and look-y look-y what I find!

What do you think?  Nice stickers right?  Now let's take a little closer look...

Umm, seriously, WTF??  what where they thinking???  STICKER FAIL!!!, you may want to pull this product off your site and edit!!


  1. Whatt??? Okay they definitely need to check that!

    <3 Belly B

  2. That's not the nazi sign. There's is tilted. That is actually a native American sign for peace. I don't see any reason to pull it.

  3. I'm not saying its the actual Nazi sign, what I'm saying is that looking at it quickly, it looks like the Nazi sign, probably not what you want a sticker to look like if you're trying to sell this to teachers.