Monday, July 18, 2011

Who sues for that??

"So sue me!" Who hasn't said those words before? Well apparently some people like to take the literal route of the expression and start lawsuits for the most RIDICULOUS things! So I ask you, is it just me? Or are these lawsuits just plain old dumb??

Who remembers the infamous lawsuit against McDonalds where they tried to say it was McDonald’s fault for making two teenage girls fat. That is just ridiculous. Or is it? "’When we're suing on behalf of children, it's hard to argue that a 6, or 8 or 10-year-old child has to take full responsibility for their decisions when they're lured into McDonald's by the toys and the playground and happy meals and the birthday parties,’ said attorney John Banzhaf.” Umm your right, a 6, 8 or 10 year old can’t take responsibility, its called parents!! Who’s buying them the fast food? Who’s taking them there? Needless to say the judge threw the suit out with good reason, the responsibility of your own health and food choices comes down to the individual and is not the fault of the restaurant you’re going to.

San Diego mom, Denise Keller, sued Chuck E. Cheese claming that the games the kids play are basically casino machines and influence kids in becoming gamblers. I’m sorry but that’s crazy. There’s a difference between getting tickets out of a machine, and cold hard cash. Not to mention, you know what you’re getting into when you go to Chuck E. Cheese. If you don’t like the style of gaming, you don’t have to bring your kids there! Take a look at the news report below, its unreal.

Ok everyone knows that if you’re trying out for a reality show, you have no say in how you’re portrayed. Whatever you do on camera, can and likely WILL be edited, manipulated in any way that makes for more entertainment value. Well this guy, Ian Benardo apparently doesn’t agree. He auditioned for American Idol a few years ago, didn’t make it through the first round, was ridiculed by the judges, then eventually America. Later on in the season, he appeared in the finale and pulled a stunt by stealing Dane Cook’s microphone mid-performance. According to the lawsuit, Dane Cook and his people were angry with his little stunt and were threatening him. Therefore, Benardo decided to sue American idol for $300 MILLION dollars claiming the producers were exploiting his sexuality and telling him to quote “gay it up” for the cameras. Well guess what, you agreed to it, you did it on television, and you didn’t get the fame and fortunte like you’d hoped. This lawsuit is the same as saying if a producer told you to try pornography, you did it, it didn't work out for you and then you sued them because of it. Or if Elizabeth Berkley sued the producers of Showgirls because...well….you know. Grow up man, you’re an adult, you made your bed, now you can lie in it.
FYI-he’s reached now his 3rd filing of the lawsuit after the first two were tossed out. Now he’s just suing for a simple little $5 million. What do you think? Was he forced to act this way?

Halloween. The mention of the word immediately brings up images of candy, trick or treating, costumes and of course SCARY STUFF!! There’s a reason why one of the biggest horror films of all time is called Halloween! Well one lady, didn’t take too kindly to being scared. A woman sued Universal Studios in Orlando for emotional distressed because she was so scared when she went to the HAUNTED HOUSE with her granddaughter and apparently she slipped and fell on the way out running from someone who was chasing them w/a chainsaw (fake) to scare them. The ONLY thing I could see that would have some merit would be her slipping and falling if the floor was wet since that shouldn’t be that way, but NO WAY should she win any money for being scared at a haunted freaking mansion. Lady… KNOW what that is!
See for yourself...

Explain this to me, someone please.  A Michigan inmate (who by the way pleaded guilty to robbery) is trying to sue the jail he's in claiming his civil rights are being violated because he's being denied the chance to have porn in jail. But maaaa, I want to look at dirty pictures!  Are you kidding?  You're in jail!  I understand it must get lonely but you have to remember where you are.  You're supposed to be denied some nice things, that's why its jail. You're denied your freedom, and yes, even porn.  This inmate is claiming that by not being allowed to have his pornography, it quote:
"subjects him to a 'poor standard of living' and 'sexual and sensory deprivation.'"
Really??  I highly doubt he'll win this won its just amazing to me the things some people feel they're entitled to while in jail.

And finally, the winner of them all

This story could make for some VERY awkward meetings with the Human Resources department.  A Brazilian woman has decided to take things to the next level by suing her company for the right to sexually gratify herself at work!  Not only that, but the ability to watch pornography at work legally.  No...I'm being serious.   She claims she has "a chemical imbalance that triggers severe anxiety and hypersexuality."  So basically she had to publicly proclaim she was an over-sexed woman who "took care" of herself up to 47 times a day!  I can't even imagine how someone has time for all of that!  I really don't know what to make of this story.  On one hand, I do believe someone can be afflicted with sexual disorders, on the other, I don't know if the workplace is somewhere to help you "relax" and be rid of your anxiety.  So strange, I definitely don't believe she would have won this case in the US.

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