Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Depressing!

Me and my big mouth!  Tuesday night, I happen to catch just ONE episode of America's Got Talent.  Figured, well there's nothing else I feel like watching, why not. 
Apparently I'm watching the quarter finals and this happens to be when the viewers begin their voting process.  You can call in and vote for your favorites and move them to the semi-finals. 
Well the first guy up was the Kinetic King.  My first thought was "wtf is a kinetic king?"  Apparently this guy specializes in kinetic art where he makes a domino like effect but with tongue depressor sticks and has this really good pop-up effect as seen below:

Well they show a little clip of this guy from his previous auditions and I think, this is going to be cool He spent 36 hours setting up this stunt. Poor guy didn't sleep in 2 days, no one was allowed near the stage etc. He had to go first due to the set up on the stage. Well here's how it all went down....

Can you imagine??? You work on something so hard, for so long and THAT happens? He took it pretty well under the circumstances, though I have to wonder if they should send a psychiatrist to his house just in case.

Well, the reason I started this blog entry with "me and my big mouth" is because just before the stunt was about to start, I announce to my husband and cousin (who are watching with me) "Oh man, wouldn't it be funny if he did all that and it didn't work"



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